Sarah Gonzales

Director of Project Controls

Sarah joined Bristlecone Construction in 2016 and is now the Director of Project Controls. Sarah is responsible for ensuring the company’s processes and procedures are established, implemented and are being upheld by all project teams.

Organization and high standards help ensure that projects are successful throughout the entire process from estimating to project completion. Prior to working in the construction industry, Sarah spent 14 years in the Army Reserves and 5 years working in various places as an Elephant Keeper and Trainer.

Years at Bristlecone: 6

Education / Training: B.S. Science, Colorado State University

What’s your passion: I absolutely love scheduling! I enjoy the process of building a schedule to ensure it is well thought out, accurate and attainable. I enjoy reviewing schedules and analyzing schedules as they are being updated to ensure all issues and delays are captured and identifying where potential problems and risks may occur.

Favorite Pastime / Hobby: Reading, Paddle boarding

Best Vacation Destination: That is a tossup between escaping to a beautiful sunny beach in the winter and camping in the Mountains during the summer.

Favorite Beverage: Dirty Martini with Blue Cheese Olives

Favorite Book: Count of Monte Cristo