Jon Goman

Project Executive

Working in the field for the first 10 years of his career as a carpenter, foreman, and superintendent has given Jon a strong understanding of how buildings go together, from construction details to CPM schedules. This makes Jon an asset to the projects he is working on from preconstruction through closeout. Moving over to the project management side, Jon spent the next 10+ years of his career working with teams to complete commercial and multi-family projects ranging from $5MM to $80MM. Jon joined Bristlecone Construction in 2016 and serves as a project executive. In this role, Jon ensures that clients are well taken care of, and projects are successful for everyone involved.

Years at Bristlecone: 6

Education / Training: B.A. Philosophy, University of Colorado; MBA University of Richmond

What’s your passion: I love working with a team to see a project from conception to completion.

Favorite Pastime / Hobby: Camping with my family.

Best Vacation Destination: Cartagena

Favorite Restaurant: Gunther Toody’s