Daniel Maloney

Preconstruction Manager

Daniel joined Bristlecone Construction after graduating from Colorado State University in 2017 and currently serves as a Preconstruction Manager. He is responsible for the upfront effort via drawing reviews and trade partner relations to provide a successful estimate to both the field team and the Client. Ensuring the construction process in the field is set up for success. Daniel started working in construction during college and participated in construction competition teams. This is where the core values were developed for project safety, setup, and success.

Years at Bristlecone: 4

Education / Training: B.S. Construction Management, Colorado State University

What’s your passion: I love what I do since I get to look at and learn new construction projects on a weekly basis. I also really enjoy working with our Clients, Designers and Trade Partners and developing those relationships for multiple projects to come.

Favorite Pastime / Hobby: Golf in the summer and skiing in the winter

Favorite Movie: Old School

Best Vacation Destination: Costa Rica