Bristlecone Construction

Constructing Value by Valuing Craft

Bristlecone Construction is a Colorado Based General Contractor focused on institutional, commercial and multi-family projects. In addition to being a general contractor, Bristlecone Construction subcontracts out structural concrete and wood framing scopes to other General Contractors. Since its founding, Bristlecone Construction has focused on projects that are too complex for many small construction firms, yet are too small for larger firms to be both competitive and warrant their most talented staff. Our project teams have a wide range of construction experience over several different market sectors and successfully completed projects ranging from $500k to $80m.

Constructing Value

Individually, each steel beam, architectural drawing, or rebar cage is worth very little. The very heart of our business is the process of taking these individual components, adding the required craftsman and management to construct value and turn the owner’s idea into reality. Whether it is during an OAC meeting or helping the design team on preconstruction, we consistently ask ourselves and our fellow team members if the work we are doing is constructing value for the project or the project team.

Valuing Craft

Our craftsmen are an integral part of the building process. No building can be built without the craftsman hanging drywall or running pipe. To create value for our clients we support these tradesmen. With the limited number of craftsman entering the construction field today, we consistently provide the following for our craft and subcontractors;

  • A safe working environment
  • The tools they need to plan and perform the work
  • The materials in the order needed
  • The time to safely perform the work with high quality end result
  • Respect


Executive Leadership



Zach Smith

Board Member