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WoodTek Headquarter Taiwan

The five story building is the first ever CLT building in Taiwan. A landmark demonstration project for Taiwan, the client and design team set out to exhibit the practical advantages of using more eco-friendly materials and encouraging the development of Green Architecture in Asia. The architect designed the WoodTek building to physically “step forward” instead of back to emphasize the advantage of using panels for the structural system, a subtle nod to the symbolic direction of this pioneer project. The building boasts of a creative blend of modern and clean architectural expression and has almost all the structure and connections entirely exposed on the interior. Erected in only 20 days, the project stands as a forerunner in changing Taiwan’s concrete dominated building industry.

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Client: WoodTek

Architect: Origin Architects and Planners

Builder: Shaing-Yang Construction Co., Ltd

Completion: 2014