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About the Project

Designed to be poetic and reflect the beautiful natural surroundings of the Okanagan Valley, the glass and wood building offers a unique dining experience on the lake.  The engineered wood structure incorporates a double curve that creates visual motion rising above the seating from the south to the north and forms a clerestorey extending the length of the building. Expansive glass walls provide views not only from within the restaurant but as well as through the building from the bank.

Material qualities are clearly expressed and exploited in the exposed curved glulam roof structure, which bears on thin, delicate steel columns which contribute to the horizontal transparency of the building. The precarious lightness of the filigree steel columns is balanced by the anchoring quality of the carefully disposed concrete shear wall elements, which incorporate a beautifully sculptured cast-in-place concrete gutter.

Location: Penticton, British Columbiaa

Architect: Bevanda Architecture

Client: Penticton Lakeside Resort

Completion: 2005

Awards & Recognitions

2006 Concrete Award of Excellence for Cast-in-Place Structures