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About the Project

This 5,100 SM museum funded by real-estate developer and philanthropist Michael Audain showcases one of Canada’s largest collections of private art. The collection contains indigenous and contemporary British Columbia art, including an extensive group of Emily Carr paintings.

Located on a flood plain near Fitzsimmons Creek, the structure is elevated one-storey above ground and supported on isolated pad footings and frames spaced 20 metres apart. The long span structure consists of a three dimensional steel frame, with concrete composite steel deck floor slabs. The roof structure consists of long-span pre-fabricated engineered wood panels 2.4m wide and up to 16.5m long. The panels are membrane and the shop and chosen to allow for the rapid enclosure of the steel structure regardless of weather conditions.

The seemingly simple structure, as imagined from the outside form, is surprisingly complex as it responds to demanding internal program requirements. The 3D steel frame was developed in close cooperation with the architectural team using advanced 3D CAD modelling to ensure that it is fully integrated within the elegantly sculpted architectural envelope.

The lateral load resisting system features the first application of the innovative high ductility Scorpion bracing connectors by Castconnex, a high ductility seismic bracing system developed by researchers at the University of Toronto.

Location: Whistler, British Columbia

Client: The Audain Foundation

Architect: Patkau Architects

Budget: $30 million

Completion: 2015