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How We Do it

We are the architect, material supplier, manufacturer, general contractor, trade contractor, and project manager. Offering every product and service necessary to design and build the highest quality buildings allows us to reduce time and cost.

Standard Parts and Processes

We standardize key parts of the planning and design process up front—unit plans, products, and assemblies—to deliver projects faster and more cost effectively.








Library Development

Standardized does not mean boring or cookie-cutter. We work with your team in a long-term capacity to develop a unit library and materials library that meets your business goals, brand, and target demographics. Client libraries of units and finish packages enable design diversity and differentiation in fit and fixtures without complicating floor plans and constructibility.

Getting the Most out of Katerra

To bring the most value to our clients, we partner at the beginning of projects and are responsible for the entire project lifecycle.

Katerra drives efficiency through scale. Our target customers are those with large, multi-year pipelines they intend to address through repeatable building designs that are deployed in large volumes.